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Family Corner:

Emma's 2nd birthday (Dec. 98) - click the cake to see the pictures!


Vacations in Paris - July '98

Emma - the First Days

More Emma (Jul-Sep, '97)

Pictures of Noah, Emma and family (Nov, '97 to Mar, 98')

  Noah has her own page now!
(but she hasn't updated it for a while...)

Hi !

To see me - click here:  or here:

Things I Like

(sorry, I have not checked whether all old links below still exist -- surf at your own risk ;-)

Golf: This is my very new hobby, but the following strip describes my status best...

Contemporary Music: I worship Jacques Brel (new link) though I often enjoy Bob Dylan (new link), Leonard Cohen and other troubadours.

Classical: I can listen endlessly to J.S. Bach's Concerto in D minor for 2 violins (BWV 1043) 11 kHz WAV file.

Movies: Hey, I lived in Chicago for 2 years - the Blues Brothers of course! Get some lyrics (new link) and sing along.

Books: I strongly recommend "Silicon Dreams" by Robert Lucky. That's the same author that writes the "Reflections" column in IEEE Spectrum for years (the best of which have been compiled into a book a couple of years ago). If you like this kind of engineering humor, you must also visit Dilbert.

To understand the meaning of life (i.e.: to see my lovely daughter Noah) - click here: 

Some cool pointers

For the yuppies amongst us: HotWired.

For the technology inclined: IEEE Concurrency.

For the adventurous: Red Light District.

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